The Modern Homeowner Will Have Their Kitchens Feature Amenities of a Restaurant

According to many interior design professionals, homeowners’ tastes are changing, and the kitchen as we know it is going to look very different in the coming years. Residents are taking advantage of designs that make using the kitchen a more utilitarian location as opposed to one that is strictly all about style. This means larger sinks with deep, dual basins, multi-burner cooking ranges and butcher block countertops that allow homeowners to explore their culinary wiles.

A butcher block countertop can be very convenient for a chef who is cooking larger meals and needs a lot of preparation space. An entire surface of butcher block is easy to clean and extremely durable, making it the perfect countertop for the contemporary kitchen.

The butcher blocks made by McClure Tables feature the fine Michigan maple that our shuffleboard tables are built out of. Not only does this mean these blocks come from solid stock, but they are also built using the same quality standards that McClure is known for.

Some homeowners choose to install butcher block on their main countertops near the sink. This way, they can wash produce and prep it without having to travel too far. However, kitchen islands made out of butcher block not only have great functionality, but they possess a beautiful and unique aesthetic that gives the kitchen a rustic feel.

The modern kitchen will have more in common with the work stations of a five star restaurant or gourmet deli than they do the traditional spaces that are found in older residences. Homeowners increasingly feel the need to experiment with cuisine, and a butcher block helps facilitate this.

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