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The McClure Durable Acrylic is our standard finish on countertops, and work benches. This urethane-based satin finish is durable, functional, food safe, and serves as a stain-resistant protectant for wood surfaces. If you’re looking for a butcher block product that doesn’tquit and can withstand all the rigors of everyday life, this is the finish for you.

PRIMARY USES | Countertops; Kitchen Islands

Chiefs Choice

ade from 100% food grade mineral oil, the McClure Chef's Choice is 100% food safe and best used for food prep surfaces. For everyday chopping and cutting, McClure's Chef's Choice offers the durability and safety you need in a butcher block. This oil will need to be applied to your butcher block periodically in order to keep the surface pristine and ensure it lasts for years to come.

PRIMARY USES | Gathering BLocks, Chopping Blocks, Cutting Boards


The McClure Organic Color Seal is the best of both worlds . The color seal is a durable , low-maintenance finish with a soft feel and texture. For a subtle, natural feel for any kitchen centerpiece , the color seal is available in a variety of colors when used on clear maple, and also available in a clear color for hickory, oak, walnut , and cherry. Both 100% organic and water-resistant , McClure's Organic Color Seal products are easily maintained and repaired , resulting in an ideal surface for kitchen use or more industrial purposes

PRIMARY USES | Countertops, Kitchen Islands, Edge Grain Butcher Block Furniture

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