McClure Tables Premium Hardwood Wood Fusion

We call our web site McClureblock but the very term butcher block is really not what our craftsmen at McClure Tables make. The term butcher block typically is associated with a industrial manufacturing type process where efficient utilization rates and cost of raw wood material are of utmost concerns. If you were compare butcher block manufacturing to a meat butcher shop and since the term it is appropriate comparison. In essence your local butcher can use ground meats and some of the less expensive cuts to put together what I would consider a fancy hamburger or often names salsbury steak or flank steak. We all know the difference a NY strip steak may cost 10-15 per pound but ground chuck steak is 3-5 per pound.

If you are consider wood wood or meat meat then a steak is a steak and buther block is a term that would imply the wood or cabinet shop started with less expensive grades of wood to build your butcher block slab. When we get I to premium wood tops or wood then typically it is used for furniture or if used on a wood top it would be a thin slice or veneer of the wood rather than a solid piece. Go shopping for a dinning table or premium conference table you will rarely if ever find one made of solid wood. Why is this? Because a dinning room or conference table is a show piece and they want to show off the best cut of the wood or tree. So select and better wood is never sliced up to make butcher block as that would be expensive and not the most efficient use of the wood. If cost is not a concern and you want the best looking and best technique for the strongest best looking fusion of premium hardwood. Then you buy your wood tops from craftsmen like the ones we employ at McClure Tables. See the Black Walnut Below in the clamps

blog.mcclureblock_img_3138 McClure Tables Premium Hardwood Wood Fusion

They will not be so concerned with cost or wood utilization rates that their first concern is not what will be the cheapest method or most efficient use of the wood but what is the strongest and best looking solution. So you may call our premium kitchen island tops or counter tops butcher. Lock but really it is premium select and better hardwood fused together in a fashion that brings out the beauty of the wood but offers the strongest wood joints available. This Top then will get surfaced to the thickness and any machine work that needs to be performed. Turning locally harvested Black walnut wood into a beautiful Kitchen Island Top

blog.mcclureblock_walnut_island_3-300x200 McClure Tables Premium Hardwood Wood Fusion

Sink Cut Outs available

blog.mcclureblock_walnut_island_2-300x200 McClure Tables Premium Hardwood Wood Fusion

Full Length rails Black American Walnut

blog.mcclureblock_walnut_islant_1-300x200 McClure Tables Premium Hardwood Wood Fusion

Black Walnut Hardwood Island Counter Top

We work through a select dealer network who can help you with the design installation and choice of wood, finish and other options for the best butcher block premium hardwood kitchen Island or countertop.. Wood properly fused together is more durable than any other solid surface and with proper care will last a lifetime. The best thing we hear from our customers is how warm and inviting a wood island or countertop is. We don’t just craft wood we actually take the best select cuts of locally harvested hardwood joining together with the most advanced wood fusion techniques.

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